Doctor Who World Tour - Sydney

Posted by lightspeed on August 16, 2014 at 4:50 AM

By 6.30pm I had joined the crowd gathering outside the State Theatre for the 7.30pm start of DWWT.

A few fans were in costume as the various Doctors and many others were wearing some kind of DW accessory (Tardis hoodie, scarf, bowtie).

I didn't see any extreme costumes (like daleks or cybermen) although one of the "Doctors" was holding a replica of cyber-head Handles.

Some of the passersby seemed amused and curious (doesn't everyone know about Doctor Who?).

The foyer doors opened at 6.30pm and everyone was able to cram into the foyer to look at merchandise. I say "cram" but, despite the crush, DW fans are the best and there was no pushing, shoving (or "exterminating"!) amongst the crowd. Everyone was polite and cheerful.

The merchandise counter had some event-specific T-shirts and posters and a small range of generic DW items (like beanies and scarves) - not a large range of merchandise but people were certainly buying it up.

The auditorium doors opened at 7.00pm and there were official warnings and pleas about no photography or filming inside. 

The stage was in darkness with the TARDIS off to one side and we were reminded that the schedule had been altered so that episode Deep Breath would now be screened *before* the Q&A - to make for a more interesting Q&A session that could discuss elements of the episode.


During the next half hour we were entertained by Adam Spencer chatting with various audience members and some of us assembled a mini Tardis cardboard cut-out and wished that 7.30 would hurry up already so we could watch the episode.

Those of us high up at the back had a distant view of the stage but we could watch all activity on the screen including Adam Spencer roving the audience and a featured video compilation of fan tributes to Doctor Who.

Then came time for episode Deep Breath and, well, spoilers!


I have to say it was a good decision to delay the Q&A till afterwards because, having not yet met him, when watching the episode I was not watching Peter Capaldi. I was watching the Doctor.

When the episode ended at 8.50pm, there was a 25min interval before the hour-long Q&A at 9.15pm. The evening was nearly over and still not a glimpse of Peter Capaldi!


After the interval, we watched a video tribute to previous companions and then Jenna walked alone on stage to much applause (did you know she has relatives in Australia?) and was joined by Adam for an interview on life with Doctor Who.

We then had a tribute to Doctors past and (finally!) Peter Capaldi walked out of the smoke and shadows on stage.

The new Doctor! It was definitely a goosebump moment.


And then began a Q&A session with Adam and Peter, rejoined later by Jenna, the non-spoiler version of which can be seen on iview.

The highlights of this for me, were the poignant description of Matt's handover to Peter (a big hug and "the TARDIS is yours") and a comic description of Steven Moffat, in the kitchen, enacting the whole of S8 for Peter Capaldi.

On the whole, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were warm, entertaining and very gracious.


Roll on August 24!

-- Lightspeed

(Photography by Lisa)


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Reply @abcwhovians
6:07 AM on August 16, 2014 
Great review! Really wish I could have made it there, but you captured the atmosphere or us perfectly!
Reply SonicR
6:59 AM on August 16, 2014 
Excellent review, Lightspeed! One futher question: did the video compilation of fan tributes have anything to do with the ABC's 'I Heart Heart the Doctor' competition?
Reply lightspeed
11:38 AM on August 16, 2014 
Yes, Sonic. That was it exactly! Thanks for the reference to the competition name!
The chap with the rap was in the audience.
Reply Patch
7:04 PM on August 16, 2014 
Thanks so much Lightspeed, you really brought it to us. :D
Reply Photon
10:01 PM on August 16, 2014 
Thanks Lightspeed, you've done a good job.