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Doctor Who World Tour- Sydney 2014

By 6.30pm I had joined the crowd gathering outside the State Theatre for the 7.30pm start of DWWT.

A few fans were in costume as the various Doctors and many others were wearing some kind of DW accessory (Tardis hoodie, scarf, bowtie).

I didn't see any extreme costumes (like daleks or cybermen) although one of the "Doctors" was holding a replica of cyber-head Handles.

Some of the passersby seemed amused and curious (doesn't everyone know about Doctor Who?).

The foyer doors opened at 6.30pm and everyone was able to cram into the foyer to look at merchandise. I say "cram" but, despite the crush, DW fans are the best and there was no pushing, shoving (or "exterminating"!) amongst the crowd...............

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