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abc tv and doctor who discussion site 

Who Are We?


ABC Whovians is a not for profit online community of Doctor Who and ABC TV viewers. On our site you can read forum and blog posts that relate to the ABC and Doctor Who, and you can post your own comments. 

The website was founded in March 2012, after the ABC closed it's online forum (known as Have Your Say or HYS), as a new place for members of the ABC site to continue discussing things relating to the ABC. Although it was originally set up for the regulars in the Doctor Who thread on the ABC's HYS site, it soon became a refuge for former ABC message board users who like to discuss other programs as well. 

Since it began, ABC Whovians has welcomed over 230 members and  300 Facebook followers who have contributed over 50,000 forum posts, not to mention countless blog posts and comments and messages in the chat bar and on Facebook.

If you are not already a member of the site, we would love to invite you to join up. Membership is totally free, and you wont be subjected to unwanted ads. 

If you are a new member, please make yourself at home and introduce yourself to our existing members in  The Introduction Thread.

If you need any help with the site please email me via my profile page .



 16.3.2012 to 25.3.2012

^The first logo for ABC Whovians from the 16th March 2012 to 25th March 2012



 25.3.2012 to 25.5.12< The second logo for the ABC Whovian site (25th March to 25th May 2012) to symbolise the fact that the site's appeal was more than just Doctor Who.




 25.5.2012 to present

^The third logo for ABC Whovians used from the 25th May 2012 until 1st December 2012 (Note the interesting brand name on the big green foot pedal in front of Matt Smith)

 < This is our current logo adopted in early December 2012 after a major overhaul of the homepage.



I am just a big Doctor Who fan who wanted to keep our little group together after the ABC Have You Say Board closed. I am not a computer nerd, I just found an easy to use (although at times a bit frustrating) website builder in the form of and built the site using their online software. I then invited you all to join and it's been the members who have been responsible for the site's success since then. Without your posts, there would be no site.

Some members are a little intrigued as to what my identity was on the former ABC site, but I can assure them that the question of who I am (or was) is a lot more interesting than the answer. Anyhow, I have said that I would reveal all on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and I will hold to that, if someone doesn't expose me first.

Thanks for being part of the site, and giving me the best hobby I have ever had!

Site Manager

 UPDATE: Site Manager revealed! Read here

P.S. If you're a Doctor Who fan and haven't taken our favourite Doctor poll yet, please do so below (especially if you're a Christopher Eccleston fan!)

P.P.S Ok, I am a bit of a computer nerd. 




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